Women's GDEFY Energiya Athletic Shoes White Pink

With Energiya, you’ll walk like a champion, pain-free* and with confidence. Built with our VersoShock® patented technology, this smart pain relief* cushioning and recovery technology cross-trainer provides motion control and longevity for every activity. Our patented VersoShock® technology and exclusive multi-density polymer VersoCloud® spring cell sole come together in Energiya for an unparalleled pain-relief* shoe.

Give yourself an edge in performance and protection, stability, and amazing biomechanic movement. Feel like you’re walking on clouds and be more active. As a member of the Perfect Walk family, the Energiya doesn’t need a break-in period to ease your discomfort. Our shanked rolling forefoot design together with our Corrective Fit orthotics and world-class shock absorption. With Energiya you’ll feel instant pain relief*. You won’t find these unprecedented levels of cushioning, protection, comfort, or renewed energy anywhere else. Transform your life with Energiya.